Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Work and Updates - December 1st

Tis the Season, life gets crazy
Fa lalalala lala la la!
Weeks go by and days are hazy
Fa lalalala lala la la!

Hey folks!

OK so updates first:

To all of my blogger friends I regularly visit, I WILL be by again soon, I promise! November was a whirlwind. Busy as usual but also refusing to set aside my outside projects for 2017, I just found myself, most days, going full tilt from 6am til I dropped each day and still never able to check everything off the to do list.

I continue to write every day. allowing myself one day a week for research instead of word count. It's been a joy and I'd say that my goal for completion of my short stories in 2017 is a very realistic one.

The bonus has been that a good portion of the exploration of stories has lead to other avenues too. A quick for instance is that I dabbled with modern fairy tales, looking at old fairy legends and thinking how they could be transferred to the hear and now.

The result of that thinking and tinkering is that I want to also try to create a podcast next year as well. We've been enamored with a few fairy tale podcasts the last year or so, namely "Singing Bones" and "The Myths and Legends Podcast", and I am also a huge believer in the idea that everything we do in our life, or that we experience, can and does serve a purpose going forward. For me, that includes the 20 odd years spent as a musician,  composer, sound and recording engineer. I left much of that  behind when the Etsy shoppes and my little imaginary worlds took front and center in my life again. However, the idea that I could do the entire Podcast with little to no outside assistance at first is very enticing to me. I still have the necessary digital recording/editing equipment, the high end microphones and the ability to sound proof a closet for recording in a snap! :)

I am thinking that the recounting of old fairy tales and myths is being done well enough (see above podcasts) but that there is a space for a modern Fairy tale exploration, an "F-Files"? "Fairycast"? "The Little People We Know"? etc etc. So less narration as opposed to a more "research/exploration" that revolves around a central character discovering the possibility that these old legends carry thru to the world around us and are very much alive today. Asking what does a Bogle or Kobold look like today and how do they "blend in"? What are Wood fae and Will-o-the-Wisps? Who is Jenny Greenteeth? Or Jimmy Squarefoot? What about Urban Mermaids?

I'll let you know more as that gets going but it's a distant third right now behind the writing of the short story book, and the alignment of the shoppes to the stories I am creating. I'd want to have  6 episodes ready to go before I move forward and I plan to write them after completing the first draft of the short story book, so hopefully in February or March for the writng part.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we also experimented with doll making and the results have been very enticing too. But really, the to do list is quite long enough right now. lol

In December I will be posting a few policy and FAQ posts to redirect from my shoppe as well as.  Nothing exciting for my readers, I know, but a necessity for the year to come.

I also intend, beginning in March, to start posting small excerpts from the stories/book. Just snippets and little teasers here and there.

And most of this year in Bewilder and Pine will be spent on making the world of the Pine fit from book to shoppe. House styles, elven figures, towers and creatures etc etc.  So less exploration and more working towards having everything tie together between the two.

OK, I think that's it for the updates! And now, since it's been a very busy month, I have to choose what to show for New Work day! I hope you enjoy these and I look forward to getting back into the blog routine again as the month goes forward.

May the Yule or Holiday season be filled with love, wonder and magic in YOUR world each day and may the Year to come be the best and most amazing yet for you and yours. ;)


Tiny Little Basket Elves! Under 2" tall!!

I love making these little Shadow Box scenes. . . the Fairy Girl is half an inch tall!

I was inspired to create a run of small, simple Houses for the holidays!

I've had some wonderful custom requests in Shadow of the Sphinx this month! 

This Sobek, at 7+ inches long, is the largest I have made.  He's off to Norway today!

Small Sekhmet, my stylized, full lioness version is finding it's place these days

These towers really started the whole book idea.
They're the inspiration for the Ledgerkeeper's towers with those crazy rooftops. 

I was suddenly reminded of a little shoppe I used to go into years ago with the same name. . . Toad Hall. . .
yes, it was magical too! 

Woodland Fairy Hermitage. . . the colors on this one really spoke to me. 


  1. Wow! You have certainly been busy!! I'd LOVE to have a peek at the dolls you experiments with. (wink) It's also great to hear you've been able to keep up with your writing and such. I'm looking forward to hearing more. Oh and your miniature fantasy scene is ADORABLE! :)

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I am excited to continue on with the dolls. We set a goal on Thanksgiving to make a doll in a day and we did. . . minus clothing. . . And that is a whole other dilemma! lol But we are going to press on and try and finish them this month and I will definitely be showing them off then!

  2. I love podcasts, so I say go for it! It does seem like a lot of work. I subscribe to about 7 or 8 of them...mostly true crime. So maybe not all topics require that level of work.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Yes, I do expect it to be a lot of work, especially up front since I want it to be a storytelling podcast that blurs the lines between myth and reality. I feel fortunate to know that I have the sound engineering/recording equipment part of it all worked out which is what keeps a lot of people from going into it. So we shall see. : ) Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Oh! Yeah! Dolls! Can't wait to see them, as well as these stories! If you did a podcast I suppose it would force me to start listening to podcasts. I have been tempted before when you have talked about them but I have just never tried any. There is just so much to do online that I feel like I don't need another new thing to become addicted to. But yours does sound lovely.

    The new work is all grand. I do love the crazy roof of the towers, and the seer's house and of course, my favorite is that shadow box. So dreamy and sweet!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I may post the doll, in progress, later this week just to give everyone a peek and show the process. :)

      I felt the same way about podcasts but then found that they work wonders for keeping me focused on a project. I can listen, like a book on tape, without getting to caught up or distracted. And if they are 20 or 30 or 40 minutes per episode, I find I can tell myself, OK you're going to work on this "fill in the project here" until this podcast is over and it works! lol

  4. Nicolas, do you breathe? Eat? Sleep? LOL!
    Writing, podcasts, doll making!!!!
    Here's to a happy Yule season and an amazing 2017!!!
    All your creations are so amazing! Straight from your heart and soul!!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stacy! Eat? Yes. Sleep? Well. . . sometimes. lol

      I am pretty reigned to the fact my "to-do" list will never be "to-done". But that's alright. A lot of the projects are one or two year, longer term goals which I think are good to have since they require a lot of tiny details and planning along the way to realize them.

      So lovely to see you here again! Happy Christmas!!