Friday, March 29, 2019

Fifth Friday - Kickstarters - March 29th - The Most beautiful Tarot Deck I've Ever Seen!

Hi All!

Still so much going on I cannot seem to find the time to write here but I wanted to share this one link (or two) to the Kickstarter for the most amazing Tarot deck I have ever seen!

It only has six days remaining but we jumped on board a few weeks back and have been thrilled to watch the support for the artist's work grow! She is amazing so I am including a link to her gallery page as well since all of her artwork is stunning. But the TAROT! 78 OLI paintings???

Each highly detailed and very original in style and depiction of the tarot symbolisms.

DO check it out as you can order after the KS expires through the gallery!

The Slow Tarot by Lacey Bryant

And this is the link to her paid at the ME art gallery:

ME Gallery Page for Lacey Bryant

And because I know 50+$ is steep for anything, let alone a tarot deck, I thought I'd include a KS that ANYONE can afford. This gent named Will has decided to write handwritten letters to anyone who wants one and post it to you for only $1!!

13 days left to support it and receive a handwritten letter too! :)

A Handwritten Letter Kickstarter

Anyway, I thought these were both equally deserving of sharing and of supporting.

May you find them both inspiring and, in the case of the letters, even reassuring that as the world around us changes, some people still hold the value of something such as a handwritten letter close to their heart.


Friday, March 1, 2019

First Friday - New Work - March 1st, 2019

Alright! Two Fridays in a row! I think I may just be getting back to my usual posting again. :)

A quick hello to you all, still so busy and behind schedule here so thank you, thank you for all the looks and comments and I will be back next week with some inspirations and oddities.

For now, as always First Friday, new work from the last few months! These are all pieces that will offer you a peek into my truly "new" work, new details, new sculptures, more difficult constructions etc. It's taken so long to get there but. think they elevate the work and the magic just that little bit extra!

Wishing you all a magical weekend ahead!


This French Fairy Farmhouse and Tower is a good example of the larger scenes I am working towards.
The base is 4.5" (11.25cm) wide by 3.5" (8.75cm) deep and allows for far more inspiration to take hold!

this Victorian Unicorn Scene is one of my favorites, The white Unicorn and the Victorian era couple strolling
 the grounds with the lovely stone folly behind them really was so much fun to dream up! 

Alway a fan of Medieval European villages, this is a "tween" scale of a curving Medieval street scene. Less detail in regards to windows but the texture on the buildings is very fine and all hand-painted.

And a closer view to see the stone detail on the buildings. 

A large winged Khepera statue with a 30mm orange mother of pearl disc for the solar disc.
One of my favorite Shadow of theSphinx creations of late. 

Not sure what inspired this little Sekhmet other than the desire to get away from the standard poses
 and try something both fierce and cute at the same time!

A seated Ma'at statue with the feather of Truth above her head.