Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Work - November 2nd

Well now, this post is a day late. How is it every year I forget how quickly the holidays ramp up in both sales and requests from our few retail sellers?? as I go merrily along just making things and dreaming up new ideas. . . time just slips away. :)

I feel overwhelmed already. . . not by the business but by the desire to make sooooo many things that I know would be sought after this season. But I have a larger picture in my head for the year to come, as you all know. So I keep at it. Staying the course. Writing 1000 words a day, editing, mapmaking, researching. . . just this past week I had to study up on seagoing transportation of livestock in ancient times,  the feasibility of two crescent moons in the sky at the same time,  bog butter,  ancient currency, cisterns and honeyguide birds. It's all a lot of fun really, but  just leaves time for little else right now. . .

But without any more delay, here are some new items created in the last month! Enjoy!!


Dinn - a smaller member of my Gargoyle world. I've decided that a grouping of gargoyles is called a "quarry". :) 

I am really loving this particular red these days. . . 
My first wizard in the "Little People" collection. . . though certainly not the last!

Hadn't made a Tiny Robot in months. . .  I just love how they turn out all "rusted" and such. :)

I am enjoying giving each town in my Bewildering Pine world a distinct architecture.  

I haven't made many cow goddesses like this Hathor. But I love when I do get a request! She makes me feel peaceful. 

A large, 9" (22.5cm) Nephthys, sister of Isis, Goddess of Ancient Egypt

In reworking the features of the Bewildering Pine world for the stories/book, I decided while houses and cottages vary by town, the shoppes all have a similar architecture no matter where they are located. Reason? That's yet to be revealed. . . 

Little Gingerbread houses on wintry stars . . .The house is just over 2.75" (7 cm) tall!

Well, that's what's new here. . . hoping Halloween was a delight in your corners of the world! I did manage to carve a jack-o-lantern and roast pumpkin seeds this year, the j-o-l was appropriately named "Punky". . .  and I am looking forward to making a turnip lantern for St Martin's day on the 11th! And holiday baking!! Recipes to share soon. :)


  1. Punky, very cute! LOL! Love all your new creations! You amaze me every time Nicolas! Your tiny Robot is adorable! Time does just slip away! It goes way too quick! Big Hugs!

  2. Love the new work, love the robots and their story. I had just been checking them out in your shop. Time is going by too fast to keep up, but I am so pleased you are sticking to your writing. That takes such discipline!
    Honey guide birds?

    1. Thanks Andrea! I definitely want to expand and explore the tiny robots down the road. I wrote that story in one sitting and love it's premise but think it could expand into a whole larger story, maybe something just for kids. :)

      Ohh honey guides. :) Birds that were used by humans to find bee hives and that feed off of the nectar. I'm using that narrative for the basis of a trainable messenger bird that can hone in a particular scent of honey. . . but I just loved the name. :)

  3. Ooooooh! That is a wonderful thing, so charming!

  4. These are wonderful, I especially love the tiny robot. Time slips away sometimes but I love what you've been up to...

    1. Thank you Lisa! I love this time of year so very much and I just wish I could cast a spell to slow it down just a smidge. . . :) Thank you for your comment and for dropping by!

  5. I just love your houses. I KNOW the wee folk would take up residence in them in a snap!

    1. Thank you Nichola! I feel them around always. . . ohhhhh I see you have a glittery post I need to go visit! :) YAY!

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Regine!