Thursday, January 21, 2016

Work In Progress: January 20th

In progress. . . the story of my daily creative world. : )

I'd be the very first to say I usually have far too many things under construction at any one time.  I will, on any given day, have 10-20 pieces in some stage of completion or design. I'll usually. . .  well, sometimes. . .  prioritize custom pieces but, after that, what I work on on any given day is really just what I feel like working on.

This is not always the best course of action, admittedly. There are days where my actual "work space" is down to about 6 inches square and I am surrounded by pleading eyes and waiting limbs and moss-less houses and half sculpted creatures!

I'm really trying to be a bit more con top of that and I think showing some of my in-progress work each week will help me push things thru instead of setting them aside for long periods while I get blissfully lost in the newest projects and never-ending inspirations!

So. . . some new things on the work table this week! Just wanted to share these as they are in progress and I'll update them when they are all complete. . .

Fairy Belles - These are the new iteration of something I tried two years ago but never really liked the results.
They actually have a jingly little bell in the hollowed bottom of the figurine that can be rung to summon fairy magic!
Two figurines in process. I've decided to focus on a feature story for my Bewildering Pine World that includes creatures known as Hobs ( like the little fella on the left) and Grimalkins ( the familiars of Hobs, as seen on the right) 
The Hob above (no name as of yet) will have a very dapper Victorian waist coat and tie and likely a bowler hat that he will be doffing! The Grimalkin (also as of yet unnamed) will look like the larger, completed one in the next image. 

Grimalkin is an old English archaic word for a cat! I love the Pewter finish and the claws that will match the eye color.
This is how I make the Fairy things on Stars! This one will become "Theia Straedoor's Tart Cart" on a Star with
mossy roof, stairs and fences, cooling table for the special, tiny Joonberry Tarts and the usual trees and landscaping!
And one recently finished addition to my Foxgoyle/Land of Kitsurada story/world. 

A mythic Kitsune, 9-Tailed Foxgoyle! 

Her name is Okudara and I think she's quite the creature!

So that's what's cooking here! Hope you are making magic today in your world too!



  1. I love the description of your creative space, how it shrinks and half born creatures are calling you. I think I understand that kind of pressure, or guilt of neglecting the half made things. But if none of this was going on, the mess was not present and the space large, clean and organized - there would be very little actual creating going on. You work with different materials than I, so this is going to be somewhat messier in a different way. I would like to shrink inside one of the creatures on your shelf and observe. What a delight. Are you shy of people watching you work, or do you let them in to your creative space? Your creatures are all, equally uniquely eccentric, evocative and awaken curiosity.

    1. Hi Louise! Thank you for taking time to visit. :)

      You are so right about the space. Creating requires messiness I think. And I have always been a do "more with less" person. This definitely applies to my work space. lol

      I am very shy about my work. Mostly because I feel like it is something more than the sum of the parts and ways and means. . . the the meandering pathways I travel to complete any one piece means I would feel like I should be more focused for an observer. . . but also I just feel so strongly about protecting my little paracosm/world that I would be apprehensive. This is rooted in childhood experiences and I've jotted that down for a future blog post!

      Thank you too for the kind expression about the creatures I make. :) They are really a direction I want to put a lot of time into in the coming years.

  2. Lovely look at the work in progress. I should have realized but didn't, that the clay you use is one color... I had thought much of it was all different colored clays. You end up so far from plain flesh colored clay with all the textures added in! Wow

    1. You know the funny thing? Painting is the one art form I just never could get the hang of. lol Of course, that's painting FLAT surfaces like canvases or boards. . . but oh I'll take on painting a Kitsune fox or tiny little details on fairy houses. .. yep, that's for me. : )

  3. Wow, Nicolas, I love seeing your progress pictures on your latest creations! They are so cool! Okudara is very sexy! I love her!

    1. Oh I am so happy to see you drop by here! Thank you for the comments and the always inspiring work that you do Stacy! I'll be adding more in progress work regularly. I don't have the patience to do tutorials but I think showing hoe the work progresses is a good reminder to people that it's "baby steps" to finish any one piece! :)