Friday, January 1, 2016

New Work - January 2016

“Then up he got with a light heart, free from all his troubles, and walked on till he reached his mother's house, and told her how very easy the road to good luck was.”  - Jacob Grimm - Grimm Fairy Tales

The road to good luck, in creating, is really about balance. Finding the right mix of what people love with what we, as makers, love to do. It's very good luck indeed, and very easy, to e able to explore new work and new ideas. To me, it's the very epitome of happiness. 

My first-of-the-month blog posts will be a collection of new, unfinished and unreleased work to give you all an idea of what is coming from the shops and to talk a bit about what inspires these creations too!

This New Year post, let's just stay with mostly Bewilder and Pine: The last few weeks I have been creating SO many new items and organizing a year's worth of thoughts on direction and theme. 

So to kick it off, here are the newest and latest creations!

Beginning with. . . GARGOYLES!

A Bewilder and Pine gargoyle "standard" surrounded by new Foxgoyles and a Winged Catgoyle too!

Loving the faceted Swarovski Crystal eyes for the Foxgoyles!

I've been wanting to create an entire world/story/myth around these little ones for a few years now!

Next up. . . Mushroom Houses and Fairy Towers!

These are around 4.5" tall! Another item from my "really want to create" list for a year now.

Bringing back the little potted Fairy houses with some detail additions like textured walls and rooftops!

This is a variation on my original Stargazer House just much bigger & more appropriate to the telescope and moon I think!

And this little cutie with a spin-able winged finial on top!
And. . . the TINY ROBOTS!

Making these little rusty Tiny Robots is just pure bliss!

And finally a few examples from recent work in Shadow of the Sphinx as well:

Djed Pillar - Symbol of Stability and Strength

Two different Sekhmet lioness styles. Working on the "Lady of Light" always seems appropriate for the new year!
So that's a peek at what's going on here this New Years and I look forward to keeping up with the blog and sharing more with you all soon!

Have a very lovely New Year and make it creative and blissful ALL year long!



  1. Love every single little bit... but that the Stargazer Tower tugs at my heart. Beautiful, magical work <3

    1. Thank you Nichola! Can I just say that your Pixie Hill blog never fails to inspire me and is a big part of why I want to share my work here more regularly this coming year! :) THANK YOU!

    2. It's awfully nice to think I've managed to play an itty bitty part in YOUR magical world :) And in return, your work inspires me too and I do wonder if ours are different worlds at all. Perhaps we just show off different aspects of the same realm.