Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reinvention - In Progress Pieces

Three items, all reinventions of older work with new ideas, techniques or stories / themes.

Have wanted to revisit these little guys for a year now. Originally called Grumpusses, they were garden or terrarium trolls who were, well, rather Grumpy. I believe i made 6 of the originals and they all sold but I knew I had to evolve their story. . .

Now these new editions are called Grumpus Garden Gnomes and, while they are NEVER grumpy with their human companions, they ARE quite grumpy with each other as each sort of sees itself as the self proclaimed "King of the Fairy Vegetable Garden".  This guy, who obviously favorites fairy carrots, has gone so far as make his own crown to claim the :throne" which,of course, is completely disputed by the Bok Choy,  Radish and Cherry Tomato Grumpus gnomes who all have their own crowns. . . I recommend owning more than one only if you are up for the role of peacekeeper in the fairy/gnome realm too.  

Still needs some inclusions in the "moss coat" and some sort of cuffs and bottom "hem". . . and a name. . . King Carotene perhaps?
These guys are 3 inches tall and perfect for little terrarium and fairy gardens.
Next is a new rendition of my wall-hanging pieces.  I've done little villages and fairy scenes but, again, wanting to get more into figurines and art dolls, I came up with this idea for little scenes.

The bamboo box is 6x6 and the little sweet dreaming elf is just 3 inches long. Still want to ad something in the tree's knothole and along the branch.

So sweet sleping among the tulips and the mushrooms! Of course, this will have to wait for the final story to be written too.

And lastly, this is the second edition of my Fairy Houses of Giddings Hill. Giddings comes from the street that ran along my childhood home bordering a lovely dense wooded hill.  These will come in 6 pearl colors and have different windows and adornments as they are developed.

My favorite part of this house is the winged accent with the crystal at the point of the roof!

These are around 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide!
Hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks into some new work and the constant path of reinvention I like to indulge in with my creations!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Wow Nicolas! You have such feelings in your faces! I truly love them! The little house and the box is so special! Thanks for making my night ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you Stacy! I am so glad they gave you a reason to smile! That is, after all, what I create for. :)

  2. These are just amazing. I know of some certain little people in my life who would absolutely go crazy over these. What a talented being you are, I have said it before, and I'll say it again and again! I imagine these coming to life.... perhaps an animated version down the line, signings with Pixar, etc etc :D

    1. You know, in my world, they are alive. I mean, in my paracosm there is a voice, a story and a personality in every one. I always daydream about animating them but, for now, I will begin with words and illustrations in book form and let the rest come into existence if it is to be. :) Thank you Louise for all of your kindness and support . . . and for believing!