Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lost Seasons

Here it is the first eek of October and I have barely been able to find time to create an "seasonal" work for the shops.  Even pieces I already had designed, like the Mini Halloween Tombstones below which debuted last year, have taken a back seat this year.

OK, NEXT year I am going to ROCK these!

Just created this pair for a customer! Love the Ghoul Hands!
This one began the entire series last year. Back in 2002 I had made many of these, in full size, for a Halloween Yard display which many tiny kids were too scared to walk thru to get their candy! So when they DID brave the walk, they got handsomely rewarded for their efforts in candy! mwahahahahaaha

I am not sure how I feel about this. . . it is beginning to feel a bit like a lost season in some ways. . . Halloween and Christmas/Winter are my two favorite times of year to create specifically for but I continue to find myself bound by custom work and requests. . . as well as my own ever-expanding range of ideas. Oh it's a sweet dilemma to have . . . that's for sure! :)

Today is the first time in weeks I have the entire day to do as I wish. . . and I am going to focus on new items and not worry so much about the holidays.  I have four very specific things I wish to create that I am focused on.

One is a series of 6x6 Fantasy Wall Hangings/Shadow Boxes (ok I know I need to come up with something a little more easy on the tongue there)  I have an entire series in mind but am about 40% thru the first iteration: An Elf sleeping under a large tree, a Dutch windmill scene in the background and tulips, spell books and other miniature delights all around him. (Pictures soon I promise!)

Two: I am creating little 3" x 6" Fortune Tellers like the old arcade versions you'd plunk a quarter into to receive your fortune. This will feature the Upper body arms and hands of the fortune teller herself, tiny cards, crystal ball and more. . . all displayed in a bamboo shadow box display as well.

Three:  Reviving my series of Grumpus figurines. There are plant/terrarium dwelling creatures with huge feet and noses (they are in fact, mostly head hands and feet!) and very grumpy looking expressions. I am shrinking them in scale so that they better fit all houseplant environments..So these will be about 3" tall or half the size ofmy older ones.

Four: A new series of pearlescent fairy houses called "The Fairy Houses of Giddings Hill" with half stone facades, dark rooftops and lots of lovely accents. . . .

And last, after actually following though with my blog (for the most part) the month of September  I am going to take that exercise of writing a 10 minute blog each day ( I manages 23 posts in September I believe!) and apply it to an idea that I know, if I do not make time for, I will deeply regret and likely never get started on if I wait for the "perfect time" and that is to begin constructing the fantasy book/novella  I have been compiling ideas for for the last year. No working title yet but lots of bits and pieces. So, ten minutes a day writing/fleshing out ideas/drawings etc etc. I'll use this blog as a way to stay focused by posting snippets, maps and images and chapters on occasion. ALL feedback will be greatly appreciated. As with anything I have created, it begins with a selfish desire to simply make it happen and bring it into the world. I have no attachment to what happens beyond that. I'll self publish it I am sure, at first, Maybe even self bind a few dozen special editions of it when it is completed. . . .we'll see.

Thank you to all of you who read some of the September posts and those dear friends who commented here and there!

The rest of the year looks busy . . . if not with holiday delights then with new ideas and continued growth in my own form and paracosm of expresion. :)

Have a lovely Autumn (or Spring if you're "down under") weekend!



  1. You are a creative busy beaver, perhaps you need to make some little elves Nicolas and give them heartbeats. I marvel at the imagination that comes out of you in tangible form. From mind to object - just like that, and such intricate mysterious whimsical creations. And you still set higher goals. Love it. I'll return for your 10 minute posts. :)

    1. Thanks Louise! I think the higher goals are important as well as the constant reinvention of old ones. It's why I feel like i have found my lifetime purpose with these creations. Stories that go on and on. . . hopefully beyond my own time here. . . all I am is a facilitator and a part of the greater story itself. ;) If I am not going to do it fully tp the best of my ability, why do it at all? But then, that was something I held as a rule even in my youth at play. It has seen me through and continues to be my deepest personal mantra I think. . . .