Friday, April 13, 2018

Inspirations and Oddities - Second Friday Post - April 13th, 2018

Does Friday the thirteenth mean anything to you?

While that particular superstition holds little meaning for me, I did grow up with a whole host of little self-created superstitions, mostly rituals and to keep my young self safe from the things that went "bump in the night'. Especially when watching scary movies. I'd lay on the couch, completely wrapped in one of my grandmother's crocheted afghans, no part of my body other than my head exposed. At commercial breaks, IF I wanted to get up for a snack, I had to be back on the couch and fully covered when the movie resumed . . . or else!!!

 I look back now at them all with a sense of nostalgia. The power of the mind, the strength of a young spirit to fight the unseen in the shadows and to believe he could prevail.

From those days forward, I have always been a lover of folklore, superstitions urban legends and strange beliefs.

The last year or so, it's been a blast diving into the world building of writing a fantasy book that allows me to create some of my own folklore for the world of the Bewildering Pine. Beyond that, for me, the real treat has been uncovering the folklore and superstitions of other cultures as I've taken that dive in again through reading and research.

A few of the things I've unearthed that have stuck with me are:


The plainest girl will be beautiful if she rises early on May Day and bathes her face in morning dew at sunrise. 


Frost is regarded as an ill spirit named Morozco and frost-cracks or breaks in a tree are attributed to him. The cracking sound is the snapping of his fingers!


A moth hovering around a candle flame, means a letter will arrive in the morning. 


The new Year was an auspicious time for healing. Deemed the "seam of the year" it was considered the best time for ritual curatives. 

Do YOU have any favorite folklore or  old beliefs you love?

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Inspirations and Oddities!!!

I couldn't choose a single story or video that captures the whole idea but, in Catalonia Spain, they participate in these amazing festivals. 

"A person dressed as a demon shoots off fireworks during a correfoc, meaning "fire-run," a traditional party in which participants dress as evil mythical creatures and delight in wild pyrotechnic displays."

> I stumbled upon this inspiring sculpture and in-progress making-pics. AMAZING!

Big Fish!

> I LOVED this article and the accompanying images of

"Flying Foxes"

> And finally, I'm looking VERY much forward to the release today of Netflix new Sci-Fi-Fi series, "Lost in Space", a reimagining of the late great 60's show ( who could ever forget the guitar playing robot!) .  I got to watch the original in syndication over the years of my childhood and it inspired many wonderful adventures and one or two cardboard box, Jupiter 2's.

I'm hoping to be taken away yet again with the new series. . . and without seeing anything more than the trailer. . . Parker Posey in the role of Dr. Smith???!!! COME ON! That alone makes me quite happy.   Looking forward to starting the adventure this evening!

I hope YOUR week has been inspired and at least a little odd!



  1. Hi Nicolas! Hope you had a great Friday the 13th. I love your story about watching scary movies and had to be back on the couch before the movie started again! I love that Big Fish! Stunning! And, those Flying Foxes are adorable!!
    Big Crow Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stacy! Glad you found some of the links enjoyable. :) Sometimes, when I am watching a scary movie these days, I still find myself tucking all my limbs in under the covers though it's not a conscious thought anymore. :)

  2. Hi Nicolas :) I love Parker Posey...I am a big fan of the Christopher Guest movies. Very funny. :)

    Lore, speak my language lol...I don't know about a favourite one since I am so much into every piece of folklore and superstition I can get my hands on! I do especially love weather lore though!

    1. Ahhh, Parker Posey was brilliant in all of those movies! And, as I am now three episodes into Lost in Space, she is just as wonderful. :) I haven't come across much of it but I think that's a dedicated search I must do before I go too much further with my book! Thank you for coming by!

      Weather lore. . . oooh I hav

  3. Lovely post, lots to see and think about. I wish I grew up with more traditions and rituals. But since I do know my grandmother was born in Germany I like learning about their Folk-Lore. Some of my fav stories I have heard about lately though are: Celtic holy wells; the native American’s belief that lakes and waterfalls have their own souls, and a German Belief in lucky ladybugs.