Friday, February 2, 2018

New Work - Happy Groundhog Day! First Friday Post - February 2nd

Happy Imbolc, Candlemas or Groundhog Day, depending on how you celebrate it! May it be magical!

February already???? The time does indeed fly. . .

This month, for my first Friday post, I just wanted to share some of my new work.

I mentioned before that we are taking time out to make truly new pieces, explore new ideas and branch out a bit. It's a bit scary as it has meant NOT focusing on restocking favorites in the shops and allowing sales to dip a bit but I was really starting to feel a tad burned out last year remaking the same things over and over while constantly pushing new ideas further down the "to-do" list.

It's worked like a true charm. Just allowing myself to go in directions I want and not worry so much about what might sell has been SOOOOOO rejuvenating.

I hope you enjoy this first peek into the world of my new work!

Thank you as always for all of your comments and support!


So I have spoken about making figures many times before. This year it may finally happen.
Still nameless, but here are a few views of a Faun Figure. 

Each little curl of his leg hair is added and shaped individually.  He is just over 4" (10cm) tall. 

Mica powder adds the weathering to the cape and hat. The staff features a Swarovski crystal teardrop. 

I have not decided on the price. . . or even if I CAN part with him. And this is why I rarely make figures. lol

Towers? Yes, that's not new. . . but I have been inspired to build them on the most enchanted and precarious of
 landscapes. Like this precipice! The whole piece is over 7" tall. 

Of course, as I go "bigger and better", I am continually drawn to making things smaller and smaller for some reason as well!  That little flower pot is all of 2" wide!

Since childhood, mice have been deeply imbedded in my imagination. Brian Jacques' "Redwall", Mrs. Frisby
 and not all that long ago, David Petersen's "Mouse Guard" to name a few. . .
I started working on this idea for a story, "The Brotherhood of the Muridae", a few years back.
Only recently have a I settled upon the figure shapes, clothing style and the basis of the whole background story. Here we have a cheesemonger and a fez topped mouse monk as the first two! They're awaiting names and their individual stories. :)
With the exception of custom orders, I've stayed away from making large statues for some reason.
Changing that this year as well! 

I've talked about the thrill of seeing my skills grow over the years. I NEVER would've attempted such a large,
 intricate cobra with that looping body and scales before this! 

And using accessories like the crystal scarab in Bast's neckpiece
(I know that it's hard to see!)  is also something I wanted to try more of.
Doing all the new things has rekindled interest in the old as well. Such as my miniature Moai statues! 

Or this particular mushroom fairy house style! Welcome back!


  1. Nicolas, I am astounded by your talent. Really. I have to say that you are one very creative artist. Bravo for the direction you're taking! Wonderful! I just visited your Etsy shop, I hope one of these days I can order that Mushroom Fairy House!!! It's on my wish list now! So beautiful!!! A Blessed Imbolc and a Happy Candlemas to you and your lady!!!

    1. Thank you Rain! Happy Candlemas and Imbolc to you as well! Should you ever wish to have a Mushroom Fairy House, I think the fairies could see their way clear to make it a fair bit easier for you! : ) I appreciate both your comments and you taking time to drop in!

    2. :) That's very thoughtful. I've dropped some very BIG hints to Alex in the form of links to the products I want lol...not very subtle :)

  2. I love all your new pieces But especially that new faun figure! I am so glad you are enjoying creating again! If it is not fun you might as well be sitting at a desk at a day job like me! Your pleasure shows in the pieces you have created. I took a class ‘makeartthatsells” from Lilla Rogers and she says “people buy your joy!” Which is so true. You gotta be having fun!

    1. OMG that is it EXACTLY! People DO buy our joy! It's why I rarely worry about copycats or competition etc.I know that what it takes to do this for a living and it would only be worth it to someone who absolutely LOVES IT! :)

      I am so glad you love the Faun figure! He's really a leap for me and making him was very liberating.

    2. I love that, people buy our joy!!

  3. A Blessed Imbolc and Happy Candlemas to you Nicolas!
    I'm happy that you listened to "you". The creations you have made are truly magical! WOW!!

    1. Thank you Stacy! I think it's one of the life long lessons we all face as creators, to find a way to listen to that voice inside always. :) Big Crow Hugs!