Friday, December 1, 2017

New Work - Stumptown Fairy Houses - First Friday Post - December 1st

Hello everyone!

Holiday busy-ness is fully upon us so this first Friday post is just an in-progress show and tell.
These are  start to finish pictures, of a new version of my Stumptown Fairy Houses. 

These are N scale 1:148 houses built on or into a clay "tree stump". 

Hope you enjoy this peek into the process and stages of making this little design!

Wishing you all the happiest of weeks ahead!


Each one starts with a simple, roughly shaped lump of polymer clay.

A little slicing away of the clay gives me something of a stump shape. Not too picky here as the next step will remove any of the hard lines. 

I use the edge of a clay shaping tool to start making the "bark" lines, I do this in layers so they overlap.

Then comes the next stages:

Next I add a simple shape of a house on top, gauging the size to allow for a door and window.

A flat rolled piece like this will become the first side of the roof once texture is added. 

Then the second side of the roof, sides of the trunk reaching up the house and a branch chimney get added on. In the end, this one will look as if it were carved from the tree instead of sitting onto of a cut stump.  

Here are a selection of them that I worked on all at once. The little "steps" and mushrooms have been added on the two in back. Then indentations are made for the windows and doors. They are then removed and the pieces are baked. 

The first part of the painting in the base color for the tree stump. The houses will get their own color so I am
not too particular here about getting paint on any other part. 

The houses get their gray base coat, the trunk gets it's lightest highlight and the roof tops get their black base color too. 

A few stages forward. Mushrooms receive their red coloring, rooftops their raw sienna color and the walls get an array of shades. Next will be the landscaping and the final detail touches. . . 

. . . of flowerboxes, roof tile colors, moss, windows and doors, wildflowers and spots on the mushrooms

Here are two of them complete and ready to go in the shop this weekend. 

"Ya'll come back now, ya hear!"


  1. Hello, trying again as it wouldn’t let me post a comment yesterday. I love seeing the progression of these all the way through. The change is truly magical. Especially the final bit with the tiny details.... with that they become real! tiny real charming homes! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Andrea! I am so glad you were able to get a comment in today I wonder if it was your computer or my blog?

      This was a fun post because I have never really taken photos of something I've made each step of the way and, you may notice, I only included half of the photo "steps" so the post wouldn't be a mile long! I had no idea how many little phases and rounds of paining, etc go into one little house. But I love every minute of it :)

  2. Truly amazing Nicolas!! WOW!!! Love seeing the different steps! Big Crow Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stacy! I am glad you enjoyed seeing them. :) Big crow Hugs always!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! These are absolutely incredible! I want one! Adore! I love your imagination. :)

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra! I am always glad when I see that you've dropped by. :) Hoping you and Michael are enjoying the December days and the season is bright and filled with love in your world.

  4. Wow, Nicolas, these are absolutely stunning! Thank you for showing us the incredible process too.