Friday, June 9, 2017

Magic, What's Inspiring Me

Thought I might share a few of the latest inspirations to cross my path with all of you.

First, I'm usually late to the party on any sort of series or show. We do not have TV or cable so most of what we watch comes thru Netflix and Amazon on line. One that we stumbled upon that has been an absolute delight is the BBC's "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell"  a series of 7 one hour episodes based on the book of the same name.

This show is about magic but also purely magical in it's execution and detail. The actors, as with so many BBC shows, are spot on. Each one, I can imagine, was made specifically to play their role in this production. Bertie Carvel as Jonathan Strange is as near to a Gene Wilder reincarnation as one might ever find. He's brilliant. As is Eddie Marsan as Mr. Norrell. The idea of an alternate history where magic is widely accepted but rarely used. . . until. . .  :)

I cannot recommend it enough. Every scene, every actor, every twist and turn. Perfect.

I want to read the book that it was inspired by though, at 800 pages, it s going to have to wait til I get thru a few others on my hold list!

As for that book list, I am right in the middle of a book that will likely fall among my all time favorites when complete. "The Bear and the Nightingale" by Katherine Arden, a wonderful mix of Russian Fairy Tale and Mid Winter dream. It's a debut novel (part of the inspiration for me, being in the midst of writing one myself!) and likely will lead to at least one sequel from the author.

The "Bear and the Nightingale" is a magical mix of storytelling and lore that perfectly captures the heart and essence of winter and of the phrase "a long time ago" in words. The cover alone was enough to draw my interest and knowing it was rooted in some of my favorite Russian folklore, I was easy to hook! The language is beautiful and it completely submerses me in the world of the characters.

And one more.  For the last two years I have been a subscriber to Faerie Magazine. It's the only print magazine I receive and it is absolutely stunning. Regular contributions from Alice Hoffman, Wendy and Brian Froud and other notables in the fantasy realms. Crafts, recipes, amazing photography, lore, imagery and location shoots. . . and great fiction. It will definitely inspire. I believe if you get their app you can download one issue for free to browse but I have to say, the physical magazine blows the digital version away. :)

Of course, I am a fan of Winter so those issues speak the most to me. . . 

I hope you'll enjoy any or all of these suggestions if you haven't already! There is always magic in the air but it never hurts to have a little assistance and inspiration in conjuring it up. :)

Have a lovely weekend all!



  1. Great post Nicolas! Thank you for sharing everything! I use to purchase different types of magazines, but I haven't in such a long time. I should look into Faerie Magazine! That tv show sounds fantastic! Love the cover of that book! Big Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stacy! Yes, that's the only magazine I subscribe to. The rest that I read, I get thru our library online. :) Hoping there's magic swirling in YOUR world today! Big Hugs!

  2. What a coincidence! I just purchased the Bear and the nightingale from audible so I can listen on my commute to work! It sounded great, and after your recommendation now I am even more excited to start it. I think I might check out the faerie magazine as well.
    I was hoping to have a small magic post by today but I don't know if I can make it. I am off to try

    1. Ohh I hope the reader is good! That always makes an audio book so much better. Enjoy it!!

      AndI see you DID get a Small Magic post up so I am off to read it and will get one posted myself soon! :) Thank you, as always, for dropping by!

  3. Oh what wonderful inspirations, I have been debating on if I should subscribe to Faerie magazine, but I think you have pushed me over the edge. The copies I've seen have been beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Oh I think you will LOVE it Lisa! I can only imagine how it may inspire your work too!! Thank you so much for dropping by and saying hello. I always love to be visited by you!

  4. Your post are pieces of art to me!
    Quite beautiful and inspirational!

    These books sound appealing.
    I too Love autumn though it's not as glorious here as in west but back in my native village in northern area winters were magical