Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1st - New Work

So much going on this month. . . it was an exceptionally busy month. I received a LOT of practice in saying no to custom work I did not wish to take on and I laid the groundwork for several 2017 ideas.

I will get into those more as the new year draws closer but, at the top of the list, I have been toying with one idea in particular for a combination of a limited edition figurine, chapter based story and interactive experience. So a certain character set (say 100 total figurines made over time) that would come with several accessories (scrolls, old spell books, coins, map, staffs, glowing orbs etc etc) and also each would come with the first chapter of a story which revolves around the whole group of figurines, their reason for their journey to our world and their quest while here.  Then, perhaps every two months the next "chapter" of the story would be sent to anyone who purchased a figurine. Each might include a "mission" for the owners of the figurines to be a part of (photographing their figurine in a certain type of location or sending field reports back to the "base" here at Bewilder and Pine either of which may become included in future chapters!) The goal being writing the story in 12 chapters over 2 years and letting it evolve naturally over that time too.

 Each chapter would arrive via mail and include another little "something special" for the buyer/figurine. Anyway, more on that to come as it is just in the early stages of planning. . . so much to figure out such as pricing for mailing 11 successive chapters to people all over the world but I think the shop has the credibility and longevity now to pull it off.

Most of this comes from the reaction I get to the little stories, scrolls etc that I often include with almost everything that comes out of Bewilder and Pine. Customers write and say that on one hand I should "advertise" those little extras in the listings and photos but, on the other hand, they are so happy to open the box and receive little fairy messages, booklets/stories etc when they are unexpected "extras".  When all is said and done, the figurines might be all sold out at some point but I'd have another short, 12 chapter book to offer, hand-bound in it's complete form, as well.

They're small and just a little added touch but it got me to thinking that I could offer something so much larger and actually more immersive, for those who truly get into that experience.

For this month I have little actual new work to show but here are a few of the things I enjoyed/enjoy making most this past month!

An original design - Auset/Isis Altar Statue, I had not made on in a year or more and of course, when it is done, I ask myself "Why is that?"  lol

I've said it before but I NEVER tire of making this guy, Bes, a multifaceted protector deity. I am surprised how many different reasons people buy this form for. Everything from new house protection to baby/birth/pregnancy protection to a desire to ward off bad dreams.  

On the Fairy side of things, I never tire of making these Mossy Lane Fairy houses. It's interesting to look back and see how they change and evolve in little ways over the last 5 years.

And it's always the least expected things that I get repeat requests for. The fact that these little houses sit on their own little wooden platform, above the landscape and with the tiny stairs, seems to appeal to SO many people! I never could have guessed that.

Always a favorite too is Sekhmet. A fiercely protective, but loving, lioness companion deity. 

And lastly, I am trying to get these stocked for the holiday rush to come (and that's all too soon!)  they seem to find homes so quickly though. . . I'd love to be able to have them available in maybe eight pearl colors in the shop all at once. :) 

So that's the scoop for now. Hoping everyone is ready for the autumn season ahead (or spring if you are down under) It's my favorite season, always, and I could not be more ready for the autumn chill and the end of the tourist season around here. All the little woodland paths and hideaways as well as the beaches. . . will all be deserted again. : )

Thank you, as always, for dropping by!

Until the next. . .


  1. Delightful Nicolas, you are practicing the strength of standing by your creative energy, by saying no. You can only do so much. I was interested in particular these add ons you have with your sales as I do the same, but do not advertise it. Something inside me tells me it's an element of surprise that the customer does not expect, so is that little extra magic that comes with the art piece. Love your beautiful works!

    1. Louise! Yes, I'd decided long ago that I wanted to make the receiving experience more than would be expected. Hard to do in our modern world. . . so the addition of little fairy scrolls, stories in booklet form and the such fit the bill. I also don't want to advertise them so that I can change and expand/develop them as I go. Or tailor them, as I often do, for the recipient of the item.

      I think that experience is what draws return customers who become something more. . . they become a part of the world of Bewilder and Pine and that's the sort of magic I want to continue to grow and add to my work. :)

      I love that you also do this and I think so many makers miss out on that aspect of leaving a memorable impression. It's not that the work itself is not enough, but it's that the magic is in the unknown and the unexpected. At least, for me it is. . .

  2. Wow Nicolas!!! What a fantastic idea! I wish you so much success! I know it will all turn out amazingly!
    You put so much into what you create for your customers. All from your soul! Your heart shines through it all!
    Love your latest creations!!
    Happy September! Can't wait for Autumn!

    1. Happy September to you too Stacy! Autumn can't come fast enough for me. . . Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes! I truly just love the journey and the creation, every day, of something that did not exist before. At it's simplest, that's what keeps me going in all kinds of "weather". :)

  3. Hello Nicolas,
    I love your ideas! It sounds so tempting and fun, letting the customers be apart of the story! I would definitely want to be apart of that. Complicated to figure out the little details now, but i am sure it will become an amazing treat, a truly unique experience.

    I was just thinking along similar lines, well nothing so elaborate or charming, but i was wondering how to offer something extra with the carved birds i have sold, i wanted to include each one, since they have their own personalitles, in a tiny book, that i could offer with them. But it takes so long to carve each one, and they sell before i can get a photo of them all together (they are always the quickest item to sell in my shop) so i wasn't sure how to go about it, and with carving for me it is too time consuming and difficult to replicate them, so i was thinking of sewing them or making them of clay instead. We shall see, but i love that your pieces will each become part of some larger whole! It's funny to think which comes first, the stories or the object. With my bee queen book, the art came first, then the story, and now i want to create figures to go with it, but with thebirds, definitely the figures come first and after seeing them the stories come. I am sure yours will feed from each other as you go, which will be the fun part!

    Love all your new items this month! All wonderful as usual.

    1. Thank you Andrea! Oh I adore your little carved birds and it is so easy to see why they go so quickly. . . and I do think they would lend themselves to a little story as well! But your Bee Queen, and the fabric you made with her printed on it to make into a doll? YES! That seemed to be the perfect evolution of that idea.

      For me, the thought that I would ever be able to create a series of figures or houses and have them all done BEFORE releasing them is not realistic. lol So I had to devise the idea of having the beginning of the story but letting it grow along with the first figures. After all, it may take a few years to sell all the Ice Elves so I may just be finishing the chapters as the final ones are made.

      And I really am taken with the idea of having each "helper" who buys one, having to take their little Ice Elf on "missions", photograph them in certain places/public areas etc (thanks google maps) in the area that the buyer lives, and send those to me post on an Ice Elf Blog. . .oh, did I not mention that? Yes, a blog too for tracking the Ice Elves adventures as they spread out across (hopefully) the world!

      Thank you for dropping by as always and I am looking forward to the small magic post to come! :)

  4. Hi Nicolas, all of your creations are deeply magical and so beautiful. I enjoy experiencing your world of wonder and enchantment! I love everything, and especially love Sekhmet, so stunning !
    Autumn is my fave time of year too, I feel so alive and it is very sacred..enjoy this magical season...happy creating and much success on all your new adventures ! You are a super talented soul!

    1. Thank you Victoria! Glad to know Autumn resonates os much with others. I always felt a little odd being, not anti-summer, but just "can we please just get thru to autumn!" lol I hope you will enjoy the season fully too and create much beauty within these waning days. . .

      And Sekhmet always holds a special place in my world. The Lady of Light, the ferocious protector, learning to believe i had the right to be so fiercely protective of my time, energy and space was hard learned and She really helped with that over the years. :)

      I always enjoy your artful, spirited blog and it's always a respite from the world to come by and visit. Thank you!

    2. Thanks for sharing your special connection with Sekhmet, deeply beautiful to hear about your journey, very sacred! Creating this work of art/Sekmet must have been very rewarding and magical for you...I know that I love it! shine on!

      Thanks you for such kind words my friend.
      Enjoy the deep magic of Autumn

  5. Te envio mi blog de poesias por si quieres darle un vistazo

  6. Your plan for the limited edition figurine sounds awesome! I imagine it would be a wonderful experience for the buyer...eagerly awaiting their next chapter figurine. The interactive part sounds like a lot of fun too! What a clever idea, Nicolas!

    I love all your new work, especially the Isis and Bes altar statues. :)

    I thought I'd mention it in case you weren't aware but, for some reason, your Etsy links in the side-bar are not showing photo or link...just blank. However, it could be a temporary Etsy glitch so just ignore me if it is.

    Have a creative and inspired week ~ :)

    1. Hi Serena!

      Thank you for coming by and for your kind comments! :)

      Oh that's strange, I just noticed that myself. . . I will have to see what I can do to correct that! I thought it was just my older laptop not loading it but I noticed it on a few other blogs the last few days though too.

      I hope you have a very inspired and creative week as well!

  7. Gah! I love your wee Bes figure. I'm a sucker for just about anything sticking it's tongue out AND he has the added bonus of a belly button too. What more could one ask for?! Hope you're good and happy as well as busy.

    1. Nichola! I know!!! It's the main reason I love to make Bes statues and amulets. lol Yes, VERY well and VERY busy. I tried heading off taking too many custom orders going into the holidays but it still is a bit overwhelming and it's only September! :)

  8. Saying no isn't always easy. Let me tell you. I recently had to make a difficult decision with a book offer but knew I had to be real with myself and the reality of doing that particular book. Anyway, good for you!

    It's so wonderful to hear about how you include little, magical surprises in your customer's boxes. What a lovely idea! Hmmm....I might "borrow" your idea and come up with some little "thank you" gift as well for my customers. hee :D

    1. Alexandra! Thank you for dropping by today. I am so happy to hear you did what was right for you with the book offer. It gets harder the more in demand we are for whatever we do but I've seen how saying no, when we know it isn;t right for us at the time, usually pays off in more ways than not. And I seem to get daily "practice" this time of year so it is very supportive and reinforcing to hear your story too.

      Oh, yes, please DO borrow the idea!! It' s just my modern version of "Cracker Jack", a way of offering a "toy surprise" in every box. : )

  9. Oh how I love your fairy homes and pieces, they are so enchanting. I think your idea for the new year is excellent indeed!

    1. Thank you SO much Lisa! I certainly enjoy creating them as they are quite magical and cathartic to the child within. ;)