Monday, May 2, 2016

New Work - May 2nd

Happy May everyone!

I didn't get my usual first of the month new work post up yesterday because it was unbearably hot here. . . low 80's. . . lol. Seriously though, for us, that IS hot! We still had the ocean breeze but when it is no hotter than 70 degrees about 358 days a year,  and often between 50 and 60, well, 84 seems like a heat wave. But back at it today!

So in the last month I got to do a few new and fun projects! This leading into the month of May where I successfully kept my entire custom work schedule blank so I could get back to making more of just what I want and focusing on the writing more ( I completed the 30 day world building exercise but more on that in a few days!)

So here is a little peek at some of hat ket me busy in April! Hope you enjoy!!

 It was a busy month in Shadow of the Sphinx and I got to make a few pieces that were really FUN!

 This is Ammut - commonly known as "the devourer" but who has such complex meaning in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. Head of a Crocodile, body of a lioness and back end of a Hippo.  . . so that was a challenge! lol I'd never made an Ammut this size or style before but I loved how She turned out!

And a golden Sekhmet with a red marble solar disc. . .

And I just finished this guy, Thoth, or Djehuty if you prefer. . . the Ancient Egyptian Lord of Writing, Creativity and Time. Anthropomorphic pieces have always been such a challenge for me but I think finally, after 6 years, I feel comfortable with the complex and mixed dimensions, the Egyptian style of striding legs, the forms are classic and much harder to reproduce than I ever imagined they would be.

And a few newbies from Bewilder and Pine too. . . a gargoyle sentinel, Tonoran, who sports Mossy Green Swarovski pearl eyes! I am working on an idea for a series of Kegeling gargoyles. The thought of stone sentinels whiling away the "off hours" bowling on building ledges really tickles me! so each gargoyle would come with it's own 20mm kegeling/bowling ball in hand and a set of three "stone" pins (option to buy a full set of nine pins, of course but I'll start with three)  :)

This little guy. . . no name for these Pine fantasy creatures yet. . . but basically they are little "luck spirits" who find lost coins and return them to their owners. . . but who then become attached to the owners for life. So an Elf or Dryad or Hob who is not mindful and loses a lot of coins might suddenly find themselves with an entire brood of these little guys to care for!

And a new fairy House upon a Star as well. . .

And finally, back to Shadow of the Sphinx for a few amulets starting with Hathor, a goddess who personified the principles of joy, love and motherhood.

Tanit, actually one of the first amulets/statues I've made for the shop that comes from outside the Egyptian Pantheon but it was the remarkable resemblance to the Ankh that made me want to make it! Tanit was a Punic/Phoenician deity with lunar aspects.

And last, a small, wearable full-form Bastet. Another challenge for me early on in my sculpting was making small pieces that maintained a good bit of shape and classic form. She is under 2" tall.

Well, I am beyond excited to share more with you this month. New ideas, my writing short story book progress and a bit more about the path that led, and continues to lead me to be a maker-of-things!

Have a lovely start to your May wherever you are and make MAGIK every day!!



  1. Gosh amazingly beautiful pieces of intricate creativity and concentration. I love Thoth the most, the way he stands and holds himself. Rich with history and folklore. You put me to shame with all your productivity! An inspiration, is you. :)

    1. Awww thank you Louise! Well, I am a productive fellow, that's for sure. . . at the expense of many other things in life but it's easier because I LOVE what I do so very much! Now Thoth, yes, He is a very interesting fellow. . . being the Lord of Writing Creativity and the such, I am always rather eager to make Him. I feel like it's good for the personal, creative enchantment, you know? :)

  2. Happy May my friend! I don't know how to explain, what I feel, when I see your creations! WOW! My heart is always smiling! Bowling ball and stone pins! LOL! Every piece is truly amazing!

    1. Hi Stacy! I hope you are feeling better now. I am so glad I can bring a smile to your face and a little light into your world, not that it needs it as you and your artwork radiates with it always! Yup, bowling gargoyles . . . starting the first one this week! :) Thank you, as always, for your comments and your energy!

  3. You really have been busy! I love them all but the little luck spirits really sound wonderfully cute and fun. I also especially love amulets though and now I am off to click on them to read more about their meanings...
    Thanks for the stellar feedback on etsy!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I'm in my "month-of-me" with my shops so I am extra inspired and working like mad. . . plus the writing too! So glad you dropped by to see what's new! And you are most welcome for the so-well-deserved feedback! :)