Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Inner Nine Year Old Strikes Again

It's funny, The more that I have been thinking about the idea of wanting to please my inner nine year old, the more that comes to me about what that actually means.

On the surface, it seems easy to do. Seek out the tv shows, music, games etc that one loved so dearly in childhood. It is all, thanks to the internet, at our access after all. But, in truth, I wanted to go deeper than that to something more essential.

First, I chose to think of my inner nine year old because, in truth, I can barely remember anything of relevance from that time. No single major events. . . but a world of joy and imagination.

A few years earlier? Yes. . . I have recall as far back as 5 or even 4 and I know I can recall some key moments from even those years.

Everything pretty much from age 11 on?  Absolutely. Crystal clear.

And I have glimpses. Little bits that come to me that I THINK might have been from that time.

But with nothing concrete to grab ahold of, it seems my mind goes in search of something deeper and, in all honesty, I am not sure what it means or how one would exactly embrace it.

This is what came to me the other day.

Do you remember being anywhere in that 7 to 10 age range and having made a plan to go outside and, perhaps, play a game with your friends? Maybe tree climbing or rope swinging? Maybe to the pool? Maybe the weekend neighborhood wiffle ball game or unexpected sled riding on a snowy winter morning? Anything from that time that was something you just couldn't wait to do or be part of when the time came?

What I want to know is this. . .

Do you remember the urgency with which you ran to do said activity? Do you recall being so filled with excitement that you literally could not contain it and hit the front or back door of your house RUNNING? The latch pushed and the door thrown open in one single motion while almost at a full run. . . the door swinging as you bounded out and across the porch, or yard, or down the steps. The inability to contain the fervor for whatever lay waiting you in the coming hours just beyond that door?

 Or maybe you were running to come back inside to catch a favorite show or movie on TV.


When was the last time you experienced that same thing as an adult? Now here we are, as adults, we shuffle here and there, keeping composure and cool. Always wanting to be in control. We may be feeling something that would inspire such behavior inside but, outwardly, we are often not able to let that same childhood joy show.

So maybe pleasing that inner 9 year old is about allowing ourselves to really feel the utter joy of those simple things again.  Dropping the adult overtones and just basking in that cup-flowing-over of happiness and anticipation.

I feel like I DO have an adult's sense of that joy. I am truly excited to get up every morning and begin my day. It's always a French press cup of coffee (yay adulthood!) and a fresh pastry from the bakery a block from our place. But I have never, in four years, RUN down the stairs, out the door and all the way to that bakery. Though my excitement for an Almond Bear claw or a Cherry danish is no less now than it was back then. Maybe MORE so since I can go and get one whenever I want and I do not have to ask for it from a parent. : )

I feel super excited to create every day too. To invent the things that I do and ship them out all over the world.  To make up the little stories that go with them and make booklets and maps and all manner of creative outlets that are part of the world I dwell in. . . but I think I can let that joy out a bit more than I do as an adult as well.

And, just yesterday, as I was thinking of all of this, I saw a little girl of maybe 7 or 8 with fairy white-blond hair, picking the first dandelions of the season across the street. Selecting them ever so carefully with her discerning eye and then, bouquet in hand, turning abruptly and running with that same urgency I've been talking about across the park to give them to her mother who was sitting on the bench just 100 feet away.

THAT is the urgency I miss.

Maybe it's harder as adults because we are supposed to have our emotions in check. To maintain that cool exterior and the idea of keeping it together. But really???  JOY is supposed to be that visible. Excitement for what we are doing should come with such outward expression.

So I will be running to the bakery at least once this week. And unashamedly beaming at the job I am blessed to be able to do here. And maybe, just maybe, more of these little facets of the joy of the inner 9 year old will be revealed?

Do you have any you'd care to share? Please feel free, I am all ears. . .


And just one new thing to share. . .
Another HO Scale Fairy House. . . I rediscovered the word "Chantry" while researching ideas for this cottage. I think, if fairies were to borrow from our old-world architecture, stone and belfry bells and heavy wooden doors would be musts!


  1. An absolute delight to read. How I love your world(s) and your ability to tap into that inner child. It's bold and wondrous for look at what is the product of this. You're a tuned in being. I adore all your creations for as a child I too was swept away by the romance of miniatures. I had miniature things for my doll house, I enjoyed the interior decorating more than playing with the actual dolls who seemed to be more of the decorations or props than actual actors in the play. Funny how we do this as children, and it's just a practice of the life we might like to see ourselves living as adults. And here I am living in a Tiny House in the forest. Croissants at the bakery? You're majik. :)

    1. Lousie. . . I would often sit at "street" level with my little worlds so as to see it from their perspective. I felt like I melted into those worlds and scenes and I still love to do that with the little scenes I make today. :) I suppose it all WAS a rehearsal for my adult life. At least this part of it and the rest from here on. . . I think, even as a child, I felt a sadness for the loss of those worlds as my teen years and the larger world took over. I am just glad I left enough of a breadcrumb trail to find my way back.: ) Thank you SO much for your lovely comment!

  2. You are so right Nicolas! To feel the joy within your soul! Run, jump up and down, dance! I have to admit, when I feel really happy, I start to dance. Sometimes in the kitchen. My sister-in-law thinks I'm weird, but I don't care! LOL! Life is so short not to feel that kind of joy everyday and be excited about it!
    (thank you for your kind comments on my blog! Big Hugs!)

    1. Ohhh yes, I think dance is one of those things we DO hold onto. Some of us at least and I am so glad to know you indulge!!! : )That's totally being true to your inner child! Thank you, as always, for dropping by and commenting.

  3. I used to run everywhere i went, haven't run anywhere at all in years now! Hmmmmm. My inner 9 year old, and actually inner every age child, loved water the best. Both grandparents had cottages on nearby lakes so i could swim! I can still never get enough of being near the water yet i swim much less often now. A list of childhood loves seems definately the thing to make now......

    1. Andrea, DO tell when you have that list! Or better yet, blog about it too! :) I never swam if you can believe it. I was a woodsy boy. . . and a book hound. or winter days with cocoa and a dozen books to peruse. Or, if caught without, there was always the encyclopedia! And tree-houses, caves, exploring the unexplored. Avoiding poison ivy and oak. lol But I always thought swimming would be such a joy just from watching others swim. And you must have such wonderful memories of those cottages. . . as I do of one often visited in Amish country. :)