Friday, February 26, 2016

Your Inner 9 Year Old Will Love These

I recently heard an interview with Gloria Steinem who said that, in her 80's, she finds herself thinking about what would please her inner 9 year old more and more often. . .  and then, doing it.

 I adore this thought and I see no reason to wait until our 80's to indulge in such important work!

I realize that I never really focus on a particular age when I want to indulge my child-self. I mean, ok, I get to do it every day with my work and my writing, reading, doodling, daydreaming etc etc but to think of a particular age is really intriguing to me. Trying to recall what, of that childhood, was relevant at the age of 9 and then, to indulge it now. . . I am going to try and make a few lists this week with just this idea in mind. Old TV shows, cartons, movies, music, foods, books, blanket forts etc etc. All the best!

I'll let you know what I come up with but, for this little post, I wanted to just recommend three books I read this past week that might be right up your inner 9 yr old's (or your actual child's) alley!

I adore these books for the sweet art, the wonderful simplicity and the pure heart that goes into them.
My inner 9 yr old is always thrilled to happen upon a book like this. I hope yours will be too. . .

This is every inner 9 yr old. . . and should be a part of every adult too.

Float is a beautiful and dreamy little visual tale.

Maybe my favorite. The sparse use of color, wonderful illustrations and the world thru a child's eyes. 
Anyway, enjoy them if you do seek them out. . . and make at least a few minutes this week to talk with your own inner something-yearr old.  Pick the year that is your childhood ideal. And then indulge!



  1. I love this post Nicolas! Thank you and thank you for the books! The age of 13 keeps coming to me.

    1. Then I hope you (and suspect that you DO) indulge your inner 13 yr old as often as you can! Thank you for dropping by Stacey! : )

  2. I have always been drawn to children's books for the art and the stories told in the simplest of ways, and these look wonderful. I will have to make a trip to the library now i suppose!

    1. At least they are easy reads!!! lol But the art can keep me mesmerized for days if it's just so. :)