Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Long Absence and New Work

Two months? Has it really been two months since I've posted. . . anything?

Well, it's been a crazy two months. Off to a busy start this year. Throw in a couple of eye surgeries for cataracts, (the second one coming in a week. . . and if I hear "Oh you're awfully young to have cataracts." one more time. . .  it's little consolation!) The first surgery went great and the new lens they implanted is crazy-good! My vision has not been this good since I was 5 or 6 and no side effects at all.  . well, except I did have a hankering to watch some old "Six Million Dollar Man" episodes after-wards but that went away.

But I have been busy with my work and so thankful for the wonderful customers who have been so kind and patient as I get back to full tilt productivity.

Below is a sampling of the work I have been doing this month and hopefully, after the next surgery, I'll be able to really go, go, go this summer!

So here is what I am up to. . .

The smallest pieces are always my favorite!

There's a TINY mailbox in front of this one. The textured walls are a new feature I plan to use a LOT! lol
He's got a rather pleasant disposition for "God of Storms and Chaos" but everything can't be all gloom and doom can it?
A custom piece by request. . . but I loved creating the night-time sleeping Elf motif!

Two rather pleasant fellows in their own right!
A custom landscape for an Australian customer. I'd really love to get more into finished landscapes as an offering in my shoppe one day.  Perhaps for the next year to come.
Osiris. . . My Egyptian statues get larger and larger as my comfort and skill level grows.  I've only been sculpting forms like this for four years so I am still learning a lot. He is one of my finest though I believe.

Another house with mailbox and picket fences. And the textural roof and walls. LOVE those!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the peek into what's been going on in my creative world. In addition, there's been loads of story writing and idea jotting and plan making.  . little books, fairy stories and maps, more than I can squeeze into a day!

Hope all is well in all of YOUR creative worlds too!




  1. Beautiful, beautiful work as always :) I do hope you're ok and that you mend quickly! It must be terribly frightening to have your eyes worked on... but such a relief to have improved vision. It's funny, I was just talking about you the other day. Someone showed me your work and I said "Pffft, that's Nicholas... I have his work in my studio."

    1. I am thru both surgeries now and the eyes are wonderful! I had no idea how much I was missing in this world. :)

      That's funny Nichola! I often look at my customers favorites when they purchase from me on Etsy to see what else they are interested in and, no surprise, your beautiful and magical work is often in their feeds! :)

  2. Nicolas, your work is exquisite, so finely detailed and intricate - I am forever amazed at what you come up with, would love to see you working. Wonderful! I am glad your eyes are better - quite a story! :O

    1. Hi Louise! I fear my working would horrify many. . . it is a real disaster area around my work table. lol I usually have 8 or 9 projects going at once and a dozen more in limbo are standing around staring at me. . .

      Yesterday, as I was recovering from my second eye surgery (all is SO well!) I should have been putting what little time I could spend working on finishing a few projects that are so near completion. . . instead I began a Weasel warrior in a suit of armor!! Because it appears I cannot stand to have a few square inches of open space on my work table! :)