Saturday, March 30, 2013

Poem - Starling Spring

In the city, Spring was my least favorite of seasons
Winter kept the streets silent
Everyday rain makes people go inside and
Whether that was a metaphor
Or just a corner bar
Made little difference to me
In my own treasured world
I did not have to bear the cacophony of
Jumbled hearts
Or displaced souls
Shrieking in the night

The downpour of winter was bliss
And every stormy day
Sang as a liturgy of beautiful hours
And unbroken solitude

Today, in this small town I now call home
The sun is a harbinger of the season at hand
Outside my window, starlings are busily going about it
Building their March nests and
Singing their intricate arias to attract a mate
For hours on end the hopeful
Perch and croon
Preen and display
And to my surprise
Their cacophony
Breathes a beauty into the season
I have rarely felt as an adult

Spring, in all it's bustle, is suddenly
A different place
A lesson learned
An old friend
I can embrace
Once again

- nicolas hall 2013


  1. Nicolas, here in the Antipodes the Starlings are also bringing me delight. Though many people on the land consider them pests I appreciate the job they do eating the grasshoppers we regularly have in the late summer and early autumn. But the wonder I look forward to each year is the lilting, swirling, swarming,swooping, dance as hundreds of them at once leap off the electricity wires and whoosh over my head. I can hear the beat of their wings and my heart leaps with them as they curve and spiral like a school of fish, for the sheer joy of it.

  2. Ahhh I love that visual image your little tale creates. :) I have one starling in particular, (I've named him Avalon) who is trying SO hard to attract a mate. His song fills the air all day long and he has had a few lookers but no takers yet.

    His courting dance, his wings fluttering, his song rolling and his sense of intent is palpable.

    Today it is raining and windy and for the first time in a week I do not hear him. . . and I miss it so. :) A pest. . . I can see it. . . but never in my book. :)

    Thank you for sharing & for reading dear friend!!


  3. I checked out this blog via Etsy, and I'm glad I did. I often don't have the patience to read through a poem, but I've read some of yours. I really enjoy them...they speak to me. Thanks so much for sharing, Hitty Hatty (Chris)