Saturday, December 15, 2012


I was reading a post today about making wishes. . .

It struck me as such a poignantly simple and beautiful thing to do. And one of those things we just seem to forget about along the road of adulthood. . . Sometimes I feel I am so fully connected to those childhood days and then, every once in awhile, I am reminded of something that I have somehow forgotten.  Today it was wishes. . .

The simplicity of a wish. . .  the multitude of reasons that we came up with to make them.
The power and the wonder of the things that inspired them.

But then, it occurred to me that I DO still make wishes.  You might call it something else since it doesn't happen with a dandelion in hand or a falling star to prompt me. . .

But it's a wish just the same. . . after all these years of seeking and discovery, I feel I have found my place, my path back to the beauty of childhood.

My calling.

And every single day, I wish for. . . ask for. . . hope for. . . one more day to create beauty and whimsy and the certain magic that you might find within my work, be it photography, music, poetry and writing, miniature worlds or Egyptian statues.

To continue to be the vessel it comes into the world through. . .
I feel I am in service to it.
I no longer create what I want. . . but instead, I create what I feel called to make.

And every day, that wish I make, is for the chance to do that all over again. . .



  1. great post! visiting you from the etsy haunting treasuries team :) great blog and etsy shop!


    1. Saralyn,

      Welcome to my world! I am so glad you found me through the team. :) I am enjoying your blog too!! :) Hope to hear from you again!


  2. Your comment on my treasury led me to your shop and now to your blog.... Your words are speaking TO me as are your images. Glad i found you. The image of yours with the stone obelisk reminds me of another structure i just stumbled on in etsy that also spoke to me... The Descansos and her description of them by bewilderandpine. I feel like i really need to paint this image myself. I also just happened upon a wooden one near where i work and painted it in my sketchbook but i need to paint the one in my head. Funny how things just connect in life.

    1. Andrea! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my work and words! You may not be surprised to find (look to the RIGHT column here >> ) that I am part of Bewilder and Pine and the Descansos are my creation too. I can;t get away from that shape and form :)lol

      Welcome to my world. :) It is funny how things connect. . . I think the roads all lead in a cyclical way in life. . . age and time too. . . our bodies grow and decline. . . but not in a linear way either. . . it's up to us to decipher. :)